Marc Gladstone


Musical Artist, Composer, Songwriter, Producer, 

Keyboardist, Podcaster, Music Teacher, 

Director Canadian Musicians’ Coalition

Marc has an extensive musical background with various bands and studio work. He started his formal training at the age of seven and he was finished his Royal Conservatory training by age fifteen, scoring first class honours throughout.

After cutting his professional teeth with a few cover bands straight out of high school, he landed the keyboard chair in Doug and the Slugs for the last seven years of that band, until the untimely passing of Doug Bennett in 2005. He then joined Nick Gilder/Sweeney Todd as well as a short stint in the band Toronto, playing for crowds of up to 20,000 at festivals across Canada. 

The Brandon Paris band in March 2006, from their debut album titled On My Own, hit Top 20, peaking at No. 17 on the Canadian CHR charts. The second single almost reached top 40 at No. 53 CHR. Topping off an already exceptional year, Brandon Paris Band was nominated for Best New Group or Solo Artist (CHR) by the Canadian Radio Music Awards in spring of 2007.  Brandon Paris later morphed into Abandon Paris with new lead singer Scott Jackson.

Marc joined Prism in 2010, is actually a cousin to John Hall (original keyboardist for Prism), and his orchestral keyboard work is a perfect match for the Prism sound. Prism is currently in pre production for a new album project.

Current original band projects include STONE POETS, Abandon Paris and HEAD where Marc is an integral part of the songwriting team as well as producing the music alongside Juno Nominated and winner of the West Coast Engineer of the year, Sheldon Zaharko from Zed Productions.  HEAD’s Afraid to Sleep was nominated for a Juno award in 2017. 

The three aforementioned groups are vastly different in their genres: STONE POETS (Modern Folk), Abandon Paris (Alternative Rock), and HEAD (Industrial Rock), all of which highlights his talents for producing in various styles.  Marc also co-produced the last Jardines album, “Someone’s Stolen Tuesday”  with Cherelle Jardine.  He was musical director as well as keyboardist in the band from 2009-2012.  

Marc is a sought after session player for recording and live performances as well. He’s been nominated 4 years in a row for the BCCMA Keyboardist of the Year Award.

The “Green Beans, Mushroom Soup & Strawberry Ice Cream” podcast for Pacific Northwest Radio which he produces and writes, was created in 2018, providing insights into the rock and roll world, playing and promoting BC artists, and furthering international music of all genres. “It’s called Green Beans, Mushroom Soup & Strawberry Ice Cream. What the hell does that even mean!? It means I can play whatever I want to… just like radio used to do when it was real. Before it was all politics. When it wasn’t owned by record companies who forced it to do their bidding. Real radio”. Listen to past shows here

A passion for music; a believer in fair compensation and a huge supporter of all types of music… he’s one of the founders and the West Coast Director with the Canadian Musicians Coalition. The group is petitioning for a living wage for all professional Canadian musicians, money for music education and support to Canadian venues.

At Long & McQuade, Marc is one of the principal piano instructors, teaching RCM as well as popular piano/keyboards to students of all ages.

Aside from his bands, he is working on an album of original piano compositions and a book about his life on the road.





“Gleam and Beam” (July 1/19) and “The Great Divide“(Sept 9/19).

“Smoke and Mirrors” (2018)
 “More Angels and Devils” (2015)
“Angels and Devils” (2013)                                                                                                                                                                                                    “Trippin’ on Daisies” (2011) 

Abandon Paris

“Abandon Paris” (digital release 2019)


“Afraid to Sleep” (2016)

“Dear Father” (2018)