Marc Gladstone


Marc started his formal training at the age of seven and he was finished his Royal Conservatory training by age fifteen, scoring first class honours throughout.

After cutting his professional teeth with a few cover bands straight out of highschool, he landed the keyboard chair in Doug and the Slugs for the last seven years of that band, until the untimely passing of Doug Bennett in 2005. He then joined Nick Gilder/Sweeney Todd as well as a short stint in the band Toronto.

He is now a highly sought after piano teacher in the Vancouver, BC area, as well as holding the keyboard position in a variety of bands: Google him and find Abandon Paris… Stone Poets… The Jardines… HEAD… stop by and say hi. He’d love to hear from you!

Marc joined Prism in 2010 and is actually a cousin to John Hall (original keyboardist for Prism), and his orchestral keyboard work is a perfect match for the Prism sound.

Marc also has a radio show called, “Green Beans, Mushroom Soup & Strawberry Ice Cream”, which airs every Sunday night at 9pm PST on  and is also available on podcast.