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Stone Poets and the “HUMAN” album…

Hey friends… welcome to “HUMAN” and the “HUMAN” campaign! We’d love it if you could help us make this album a reality… it costs a lot to finish an album, especially one with 15 tracks! And frankly, we’re about out of money. That’s where you come in, hopefully. Pre-purchase the album – you get the album, on CD or vinyl, whichever you prefer, plus any other “perks” that might catch your eye from the Perks page… and we get to finish this thing! All the tracking is done already; we’re headed into the mixing stage now… release date is August the somethingth!


Prism interview on Etcetera Live with Kelly Barrett!

Well, this was fun! All four of us; myself, Tad Goddard, Gary Grace and Al Harlow being interviewed in our respective abodes simultaneously AND at the same time… with Kelly Barrett hosting. Lots of behind the scenes, stories… a great interview!

Check it out here:

Marc Gladstone, Piano on SoundBetter

Brand new video for HEAD (instrumental) by Tim Mohan!!

Check out the video… Tim Mohan is amazing. Check out as well!

Wear a Mask!!!

This past year has been tough for all of us… musicians and the entertainment world probably the worst… so… in an ongoing, (never-ending seemingly) effort to encourage everyone to comply with distancing, masking etc., STONE POETS wrote this tune and put together this video… it’s called “Wear a Mask” (I know, weird right?)… performed by STONE POETS with Brian Poulsen on guitars. Video by Cherelle Jardine. Check it out… and… wear a mask!



How’s everyone keeping? I’ve had many gigs canceled (or postponed lol) – Prism was slated to perform at Ambleside, Rock the River in Saskatoon, and a few other big festivals this year… some haven’t been officially canceled yet, but I can’t see them happening – hope I’m wrong!

Stone Poets: terrible timing! We were gaining a lot of momentum recently… can’t wait to play with us again! Speaking of that, tune in for a live, social distancing performance from Scott’s backyard on Tuesday, May 5th!

HEAD: can’t even rehearse. Sucks. Miss this band!

Abandon Paris: well, we have a hard time getting together for rehearsals in the first place lol – harder now… miss us too!

Abbey Road Rockers: lots of gigs canceled for this band too… had a whole week of two shows per day canceled at the end of March…

But! I’m still teaching… still writing music (with a new, online project that I’ll tell you about soon) and learning the ins and outs of Logic Pro X finally!

Be good everyone; social distance; stay safe!

Merry Christmas!!

Best of the season to all… lots of love from Prism, HEAD, Stone Poets, Abandon Paris, Hand over Heart and Eh!

Not From Around Here, Are You Boy?/Winter

A couple of experimental tunes I did way back in the 90’s, sometime… including a spoken word of one of my poems from back then…


“Venetian mockery segments my prison view… we make our own, it seems

She mumbled something I didn’t understand; honesty, fairplay and commitment… who knows what she was on about

A tree blossoms in afternoon sun… laden branches drip shadows toward my evening

I have no sunlight left.

It doesn’t have to be snowing outside to know the winter in here…”


Cramming for the end of summer!

Hey kids! We’re rushing headlong into the end of summer… thought I’d post some upcoming shows… it goes like this:

Prism plays Saanich, BC, August 31st, at the Saanich Fair

Prism plays Grand Bend, Ontario, September 6th

Prism plays Kingston, Ontario, September 7th, at the military base

… and then I’ll be switching hats, but staying out east…

Stone Poets play Goderich, Ontario, September 8th, in the town square – a free show (by donation)

Stone Poets play Peterborough, Ontario, September 9th, at The Garnet

Stone Poets play Montreal, Quebec, September 11th, at Mariposa Le Café

Stone Poets play Van Kleek, Quebec, September 13th, at the Arbor Gallery

Stone Poets play Ottawa, Ontario, September 14th… house concert

Stone Poets play Ottawa, Ontario, September 15th… house concert

… okay, that’s enough for right now! Looking forward to all of these shows!

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Upcoming shows!

Hey kids! Just wanted to let you know about a few shows upcoming… Summer’s getting crazy!

PRISM has two! in town shows within a week! That never happens in real life… but… this year, it does… appearing at Golden Spike Days in Port Moody – June 29th – an outdoor, free show… apparently we’re on at 9:15pm… AND… again at White Rock Beach – July 4th – should be a good one – we’re teamed up with Ray Roper and David Wills from Stonebolt for this one! After that we’re headed out to Lloydminster for July 11th and then it’s the big one – Roxodus – Edenvale, Ontario – July 12th for us, somewhere around 5pm I think! There’s more, but that should keep you going for awhile…

HEAD has a show in Vancouver – August 10th – at the Red Room!! HEAD doesn’t play that often, so definitely get onboard for this one!

STONE POETS has quite a few things lined up… we’re in Memorial Park – Maple Ridge – July 1 for Canada Day… 4:30pm… then we head over to Vancouver Island – Nanaimo – on July 19 – playing at The Corner Lounge… and July 20th in Duncan for the 39 Days in July festival… 4pm… after which I’ll be heading immediately to Victoria for a show with Prism! AND THEN! STONE POETS head out east… Ottawa and London so far… we’ll be out there from September 8th through the 17th…

And don’t forget to listen to my radio show – “Green Beans, Mushroom Soup & Strawberry Ice Cream”… every Sunday night at 9pm on 

Thanks for reading!

Peace out, kids!