Marc Gladstone


How’s everyone keeping? I’ve had many gigs canceled (or postponed lol) – Prism was slated to perform at Ambleside, Rock the River in Saskatoon, and a few other big festivals this year… some haven’t been officially canceled yet, but I can’t see them happening – hope I’m wrong!

Stone Poets: terrible timing! We were gaining a lot of momentum recently… can’t wait to play with us again! Speaking of that, tune in for a live, social distancing performance from Scott’s backyard on Tuesday, May 5th!

HEAD: can’t even rehearse. Sucks. Miss this band!

Abandon Paris: well, we have a hard time getting together for rehearsals in the first place lol – harder now… miss us too!

Abbey Road Rockers: lots of gigs canceled for this band too… had a whole week of two shows per day canceled at the end of March…

But! I’m still teaching… still writing music (with a new, online project that I’ll tell you about soon) and learning the ins and outs of Logic Pro X finally!

Be good everyone; social distance; stay safe!

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